Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions
You can find all the information about our company in the questions below
What platforms does your robot run on?
Our robot currently only works on the MT4 platform.
How much can I earn using your robot?
Earnings may vary depending on market conditions, initial capital and your risk management settings. However, based on our backtest results, our robot has averaged X% gains so far.
Does your robot trade automatically?
Yes, our robot can trade completely automatically according to the parameters you set.
Which currency pairs can I trade?
Our robot works effectively on [XAUUSD-EURUSD].
Does your robot trade during news hours?
Gorilla EA can automatically react to financial news in V3 version, while manual intervention is required in V2 version.
How can I set up your robot?
Our robot is very simple to set up. You can find our detailed installation guide at [Installation guide or video link].
Is there a place where I can get support for your robot?
Yes, you can contact us at [your support email address or support page link] for your support requests.
What is the best leverage for your robot?
The best recommended leverage for our robot is 1:500. However, you can change this ratio according to your investment goals and risk tolerance. While high leverage offers high earning potential, it also carries high risk, so you should be careful before using it.
What is the ideal spread for your robot?
We recommend choosing a broker with low spreads to get the best performance for our robot. Low spreads reduce your transaction costs and offer greater profit potential.
How do I choose the best broker for your robot?
Choosing the best broker starts with choosing the one with low commission rates and low swap costs. This offers greater profit potential by minimizing your transaction costs. However, when choosing a broker, you should also consider whether it is licensed, the quality of customer service and other services.
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