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About Us

Gorilla EA was established in 2019 and is an indicator of the evolution of automated trading in the Forex market. Our journey began with the vision to combine the power of technology with in-depth market analysis to create a unique trading assistant for traders around the world.

Our proprietary algorithm has been carefully crafted by a team of trading experts and software engineers and is based on the principles of precision, efficiency and compliance. Elegantly coded in MQL4, the Gorilla EA robot goes beyond just automation; this represents a transformative approach to Forex trading.

We know that the dynamic world of forex trading requires tools that are not only reactive but also antecedent. To this end, our systems are constantly updated to anticipate market changes, so our customers are always one step ahead.

Transparency, integrity and dedication are the cornerstones of our business. At Gorilla EA, we value the trust our customers place in us. We not only provide a tool, we build lasting relationships, promote education and enable our clients to achieve their trading goals.

As we continue to innovate and grow, we remain committed to the ethos of redefining the boundaries of automated Forex trading for the benefit of each and every trader who cooperates with us.

Gorilla EA: Symbol of Confidence in the Forex Trading Market

In the vast realm of Forex trading, where stakes are high and markets are unpredictable, the most important factor is trust. Investors need to have confidence not only in their strategy but also in the tools they use. Gorilla EA has emerged as one of the rare companies in the Forex market that investors trust not only for its technical prowess, but also for its unwavering commitment to user trust.

Building a Trust in a Trade

1. Transparency in Operations: Gorilla EA truly believes in transparency. Every feature, every algorithm, and every trading suggestion is open and open for review. There are no hidden processes or undisclosed strategies so users know exactly what happened with their investment.

2. Consistent Performance: Trust is not built overnight; with consistent performance. Gorilla EA's success tells a lot about itself. It has consolidated its reputation as a reliable trading partner by delivering consistent results over time.

3. User-Centered Approach: Gorilla EA puts its users at the center of its operations. From offering a demo version to allowing customizable settings, it continually aims to empower investors, building a relationship based on mutual respect and understanding.

4. Safety is Priority: Above all, Gorilla EA prioritizes the safety and security of user accounts. Risk management is not only about maximizing profits, but also ensuring that users' capital is protected from excessive market fluctuations.


In a market filled with uncertainties and claims that often don't match reality, Gorilla EA stands high as a symbol of trust. It's not just a tool; a partner that investors can pour their heart out to. With Gorilla EA at your side, you are not just investing in a trading robot; You invest with peace of mind, knowing that all your trades are backed by a platform that values trust above all else.





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